Wild 1(:1)

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Who for

My Wild 1 (:1) coaching package is for you if who’re feeling lonely and isolated running your business alone and want someone on your team who is walking beside, who has your back. Someone who can help you identify exactly what your version of success looks and feels like. And helps to keep you accountable, helping you to overcome those obstacles that get in your path and someone to cheerlead you along the way.

Using my 20 years of coaching, leading and developing people, think of me as a freelance
leader. Someone who has got your back and can help you find your way.


We are conditioned to spend so much time in our heads, thinking and overthinking through our problems and challenges.

But being up in our head is exhausting and we forget that we have a lot more of our body to make use of as humans than just our heads.

When we move our bodies by going for a walk it can help us to physically move through our problems.

Venturing out into nature, away from 4 walls and technology can help to spark creativity.

And when we offload our problems and get them out of our heads, it gives us energy.

Looking at our challenges from a different perspective can open up a whole new world of
possible ways to approach them that we hadn’t considered before.


To achieve this level of support, regular sessions work best. I offer block sessions of 1:1 coaching where you can sign up for:
    ● 6 sessions to be taken over 4 months
    ● 12 sessions to be taken over 8 months
We talk weekly or fortnightly, either in person in Chester or Cheshire or remotely.


I offer my 1:1 sessions in person and outdoors where possible. These would be in and around Chester and Tarporley however I also work with some clients remotely where we both walk outside in our respective locations and speak on the phone.


I class myself as an intuitive coach. My experience and intuition come from coaching, leading and developing teams and individuals during my 20-year corporate career.

I don’t promise a particular outcome from coaching with me, that is up to you and how much time and energy you invest in the process. But I can promise we will work through what is causing you the most challenges right now and will work through any blockages or resistance that is coming up for you as you juggle all of the competing priorities that being a business owner brings.

For previous clients, this has meant:

  • getting more clarity on the direction of their business,
  • identifying what vision their business was working towards,
  • getting through the messy middle and all of those tasks they kept putting off which built up to feel insurmountable
  • supporting themselves and their business so that they were both healthy
  • having a sounding board to help work through challenges and decisions when they
    needed an invested, confidential ear to work it through out loud

How much

★ 6 session block which can be taken over 4 months = £760 or £190 pcm x 4
★ 12 session block which can be taken over 8 months = £1440 or £180 pcm x 8