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Authenticity |  Alignment  |  Action  |  Accountability

⚡Aligned Action⚡ Coaching Package is for you if you...

✔️Relate to the term introvert or maybe you feel the pull to be on your own after spending time with others

✔️Struggle to set boundaries to protect your own needs, time and energy

✔️Grapple with the guilt that comes with putting your own needs first

✔️Feel the need to constantly please others at the expense of your own needs

✔️Are fed up of feeling stuck in unhelpful patterns or behaviours that are getting in the way of living up to your full potential

✔️Ready to invest in changing these patterns and start making progress so you're not just survining but thriving

What's involved...

The Aligned Action Coaching Package covers 4 x areas over a 6 month period:


Like a catapult, sometimes we need to go backwards before we can generate the momentum to move forwards.

We will begin the coaching programme by offloading what's going on for you right now, where you want to get to, what's getting in your way and where those stories you're telling yourself may be coming from.  Like a good massage therapist, when we find a knot / a mindset block, we work to release it so that you can move forward.

We will look at your values, your strengths and what feeds your soul.


Next we work on where you want to get to, how these goals and intentions align with your values and strengths and how you might feel when you reach the milestones you have set for yourself.

We will look at some vision setting, anchoring, embodiment and metaphor work in this area.


As tough as the inner work can be, taking action can be even tougher!  Here you will set your specific actions which will be specific, motivating, achievable, aligned and empowering. When you set them in the knowledge that you have a personal cheerleader in me who has 100% belief in your amazing abilities it makes the challenge even more rewarding and exciting!


Progress is rarely linear and there will be bumps and mindset monkeys intent on derailing you.  This is where the accountability part of the programme comes in.  The latter sessions of the coaching programme are there so you can utilise me for support as you take action to stick to your goals and work towards thriving in your life.  Some of your old patterns are likely to pop up again so this is where we revisit some of the techniques we used at the start if the coaching programme to keep kneeding out those knots.

The journey is always so much more rewarding when it's shared!


As a Wild Coach, I work with nature and encourage as many sessions as possible to take place outdoors.  This could be in person if you live in and around the Cheshire area. Or if your geographical location makes that difficult we can do the sessions as remote "walk & talks".

For some of the techniques we may need to use online video tools as the work involved requires me to read your body language to check on your wellbeing and read your body signals.

As a somatic coach I will be encouraging you to listen to the signals your body is giving you and where possible we will use nature to help facilitate sessions.  Fresh air, greenery, movement and natural light work in tandem with the work I do to help with your mental and physical wellbeing.  

How and where the sessions are held are always checked on the day to ensure the physical and psychological safety for both of us.


To achieve this level of transormation, regular sessions work best. The Aligned Action Coaching Programme runs as:
       ● 12 x 1 hour sessions to be taken over 6 months
We talk weekly or fortnightly, either in person in Cheshire or remotely.

If we meet in person, 2 sessions can be rolled together to make a 2 hour session that would involve some somatic work with props followed by a walk in nature.


I draw on my 20 year leadership and development career in large corporate organisations along with my NLP Master Practitioner, ILM Level 5 in Effective Coaching & Mentoring, my Mental Health FIrst Aid status and Strengthscope accreditiation to run the sessions with you intuitively.  I have always been fascinated in understanding the underlying motivations and drivers of human behaviour and I count myself incredibly privilaged to be able to work with people and help free them from their inner mindset monkeys.


I class myself as an intuitive coach. My experience and intuition come from coaching, leading and developing teams and individuals during my 20-year corporate career.

I don’t promise a particular outcome from coaching with me, that is up to you and how much time and energy you invest in the process. But I can promise we will work through what is causing you the most challenges right now and will work through any blockages or resistance that is coming up for you as you juggle all of the competing priorities that being people pleaser and someone who requires time to themselves brings.

For previous clients, this has meant:

  • getting more clarity on the boundaries they need to have in place,
  • improving their confidence when it comes to protecting their time and energy,
  • getting through the messy middle and all of those tasks they kept putting off which built up to feel insurmountable
  • supporting themselves to prioritise their health
  • freedom from the guilt and permission to take care of their own needs
  • having a sounding board to help work through challenges and decisions when they
    needed an invested, confidential ear to work it through out loud

How much

The ⚡Aligned Action⚡ Coaching Programme investment is £1200 for the 6 months

Payment plans are available.

*Please contact me directly to enquire about corporate packages