1:1 Coaching:

Yes! I also work with people remotely and we walk in our respective locations while carrying out the coaching session via the phone. We may occasionally use Google Meets for the sessions if a particular activity would work best for us to see each other.

I only offer 1 off sessions to clients I have worked with for at least 6 sessions. This is because of the foundational work needed in order to get any progress from a 1 off session.

I am very conscious of this. As such I display links to my qualifications at the bottom of the home page. I also partake in at least 1 CPD event each month and have regular supervisory sessions with coaching peers.


Currently, Delamere Forest is the only co-walking location I host however I am looking to expand. If you have a particular area you are interested in do get in touch to let me know.

The charge is to cover the admin involved in arranging these events and the insurance needed. I donate 10% of the ticket price to ecologi to help fight climate change.

Currently, I work the days and dates around my other commitments but I would like to offer more to cover different weekdays. If you have a particular date that you feel might be popular, do get in touch to let me know.

Wellness Experiences

One of the main draws of this experience is for it to be intimate to allow everyone the time and space they need to really unwind and recharge. It also allows people to feel seen, heard and supported as the reiki can bring up a range of emotions and the vision board event is quite personal.

The essence of the wellness event is to feel safe, nurtured and intimate. My home in rural Cheshire is an ideal venue for this and the idea is to invite you into a space where I already nurture my family so it feels safe and comforting.

Absolutely! Reiki can involve light physical touch to the head, neck, shoulders, knees, calves and feet. If you are happy with that then you will be fine. It is important to be aware that it could bring up some emotions for you as the process of reiki is designed to release blocked energy.

Yes. Before the event you will receive an email asking you for any dietary requirements or anything else we need to know ahead of the event.