Me & How I Work

As a Wild coach, I like to embrace moving our bodies outdoors. I love the idea of getting back to nature and the positive impact it has on our minds, bodies and souls.

But that can feel so alien in a society that has raised us to believe that success is about what goes on in our minds and exclusively favours our intellectual intelligence.

I work with people to listen to what their bodies are telling them to avoid disengagement and burnout. To look at their challenges in a different way and tap into their intuition to find options that may not have been visible before.

I encourage people to get outdoors, break the mould and do things on their own terms. Building a business around what works for you and feeds your soul so you can give back to others from a place of contentment.

I learnt this the hard way. After 20 years in the corporate sector, I worked in the only way I knew how - working harder on other people’s terms and just being grateful that I had a job that paid a good bonus and allowed me some flexibility for childcare. Hooked on the feedback that I was reliable, trustworthy, a good worker, etc...

Until I wasn’t grateful anymore. I couldn’t continue sitting at my desk in tears because I was so broken by work that no longer held meaning for me and the accolades and bonus payouts couldn't make up for me what felt like selling my soul and taking me away from my family (not just in body but in mind too).

So with my 20 years of experience in coaching, leading and mentoring people, I set up Elevate to use my skills for good. To help others feel comfortable in their own skin and embrace all of themselves in their work and life. To support them in their development as they run and build their businesses and embrace the chaos that is modern living.

I encourage you to tap into your intuition and learn to listen to signals your body gives you rather than dismissing them. We hold so much vital information in our nervous system but we have been conditioned to medicate the aches, pains and discomforts as an inconvenience.

I encourage you to approach them with curiosity to identify if there could be additional ways to support your body in addition to traditional medication. Does your back ache because you’re living a sedentary lifestyle? Have you got a headache because you've been staring at a
computer screen for 6 hours straight without a break - because you’ve got too much to do... Do you get a racing heartbeat and sweaty palms at the thought of a presentation because deep down you lack confidence and conviction in your role? Do you feel so busy because you haven’t got clear boundaries to protect yourself?

That’s why I also run events and experiences to help you move closer to feeling aligned and comfortable in your own skin. So you can remove some of the noise in your busy day-to-day life and start to tune in to the signals your body is giving you.

Everything I do aims to envelop you in care and compassion as you navigate your way through this thing called life. To help you get the most out of the busyness of running your own business and living a life on purpose.

I have models, tools, techniques, experience, skills and qualifications to help you do that but ultimately my aim is to create a space where you feel held, seen and heard in a psychologically safe “space” be that virtually or in person. Where you have the opportunity to be unapologetically you while you work through the challenges you’re facing with a completely independent and confidential 3rd party.

Many of my clients struggle with this at first. The guilt they feel and the discomfort of having the spotlight on them for an hour. To have their own agenda to talk through can feel alien. Others spend the whole hour talking because it’s so refreshing to get this stream of consciousness out of their heads without interruption. There is no right or wrong way, it is what you need from the time.

You will definitely feel lighter after the sessions. Often you will feel reflective. Sometimes a bit spacey if we have gone through some more immersive techniques. But it will definitely raise your awareness of certain areas that need your attention that you may not have been aware of before.

I loved the warm welcome from you both on arrival, the unexpected notebook, pen and scent (and insta worthy set up of everything!), the homemade treats (yum!) and how you were able to accommodate my missing yoga mat (still haven’t found it!).

The guided meditation and reiki session was lovely, just to have that time to myself and take myself off somewhere.

I really enjoyed it and have the vision board pinned above my laptop. It’s very colourful so it puts me in a good mood just having it there.

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